Life Insurance, Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover for scuba divers

You’ve taken your scuba diving lessons, learnt your scuba diving skills, acquired the kit and discovered the best diving locations.If you are now looking for financial peace of mind then Scuba Financial Services is here to help. We specialise in providing Life Insurance, Income Protection, Mortgage Protection and Critical Illness Cover for scuba divers.

 We have a close working relationship with The British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) and have been working with them for almost 10 years to provide cover for their members.

By way of quick overview, you may want to consider chatting to Scuba Financial Services about Life Insurance if you are you are looking for a lump sum to be paid following an accident or natural death.

Alternatively, for those concerned that an accident, whilst engaged in scuba diving, may leave you unable to work for a while then an Income Protection policy may be another choice for you discuss with us.

Finally, you may also want to talk to us about the availability of Critical Illness Cover for scuba divers which could help to support you and your loved ones financially in the event of being diagnosed with a specific medical condition.

Scuba Financial Services have worked hard to ensure that divers can access life, illness and income cover that has previously been subject to restrictions or exclusions because of their diving activities.

Traditional Critical Illness Cover usually includes conditions such as cancer, heart attack and stroke. Recently, Scuba Financial Services have begun to offer an enhanced range of illness cover for divers that can include over 100 illnesses.

Examples of the additional types of specific illnesses, relevant to diving, that could be covered include:

  • Ear conditions e.g. deafness or significant hearing loss in both ears
  • Respiratory conditions e.g. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Brain injury due to anoxia and hypoxia
  • Surgical repair of a structural lesion of the heart or an atrial or ventricular septal defect

Whether you dive for pleasure or specific purpose (e.g. fish identification, underwater photography or wreck exploration) then speak to Scuba Financial Services about the cover we could provide to you.


Scuba diving Life Insurance, Income Protection & Critical Illness cover

If you are you concerned about financial peace of mind, should an accident or injury (or worse) happen whilst participating in scuba diving, then contact Scuba Financial Services today.

In addition to scuba diving we can also provide cover for a whole range of sports, hazardous pursuits and hazardous occupations – just give us a call to discuss the options available for you, your scuba diving and your lifestyle.

Scuba diving insurance company

If you are researching the best Life Insurance, Income Protection or Critical Illness Cover for scuba diving then call Scuba Financial Services and discuss your needs with one of our experienced sports consultants.

There are a number of financial protection choices for those who enjoy scuba diving and want to provide for loved ones, cover mortgage payments or bills should an accident (or worse) happen whilst participating in scuba diving.

Each enquiry is handled by a specialist sports consultant and they will discuss your cover options in relation to you, your lifestyle and your scuba diving activities.

Risk, diving and diving environment

Because Scuba Financial Services specialise you can speak to us about the technical aspect of your diving activities.

Scuba diving equipment

Due to the nature of the sport divers make use of a range of specialist equipment, such as:

Diving regulator

  • Diving tank /cylinder
  • Diving mask
  • Diving fins
  • Diving buoyancy compensator / buoyancy control device
  • Diving wetsuit / drysuit
  • Diving weights and weight system
  • Diving computer
  • Diving gloves
  • Diving compass
  • Diving safety equipment (e.g. marker buoy, transmitter)

Scuba diving locations

Whether you are looking at dive centres near you, the best diving locations, the best diving resorts or dive sites for you just give us a call and check the cover available for the locations that you plan to dive. We are happy to chat about cover for a wide range of diving locations, such as wreck diving in Scotland to warmer weather diving in the Canary Islands or the Caribbean - just speak to us about the cover options available for you.

Life Insurance company for scuba divers

You can speak to a consultant at Scuba Financial Services about many types of financial protection, such as:

  • Life Insurance and scuba diving
  • Mortgage Protection and scuba diving
  • Critical Illness Cover and scuba diving
  • Income Protection and scuba diving

In addition, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and undertake a regular fitness plan, you may also want to speak to us about policies that track your fitness and reward you for keeping fit and healthy.

Scuba diving Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a long list of Life Insurance scuba diving questions?

If you have any specific questions about cover for your scuba diving then please call a specialist sports consultant, on our number below, to discover the best deal we can offer you for your scuba diving activities.

They will be happy to discuss a range of scuba diving questions, such as:

  • Are there any premium loadings for my specific scuba diving activities?
  • Can I obtain Life Insurance for my scuba diving activities?
  • Is Critical Illness Cover available my scuba diving activities?
  • Can I obtain Income Protection for my scuba diving activities?
  • Can I get Health Insurance or Private Medical Insurance?

How do I enquire about scuba diving Life Insurance, Income Protection or Critical Illness cover?

If you enquire about cover with Scuba Financial Services, we will take into consideration a number of factors in relation to you and your diving activities.

As with any application for financial protection it is important that you declare your work, lifestyle, medical, diving and any other questions completely.

Typical life, lifestyle and scuba diving questions, that relate to your enquiry for cover, may include your:

  • Medical health & personal lifestyle (e.g. smoking or alcohol consumption)
  • Height (ft/cm)
  • Weight (lb/kg) / Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Age
  • Any current or pre-existing health conditions

Detailed life and diving related questions will vary depending on your particular scuba diving participation but could include (where relevant to your enquiry) your:

  • Current employment / occupation
  • Type of diving
  • Diving qualifications (e.g. Ocean diver / Sports Diver / Dive Leader / Advanced diver / First Class Diver)
  • Where you participate in scuba diving (e.g. inland lakes and quarries, off-shore or deep ocean)
  • Geographic location of your work (e.g. UK, Europe and/or worldwide)
  • Geographic location of your scuba diving participation (e.g. UK, Europe and/or worldwide)
  • Frequency of diving / number of dives per year
  • Diving depth
  • Participation in wreck exploration
  • Type of scuba diving participation (e.g. recreational diving or commercial diving)
  • Scuba diving experience and qualifications (e.g. Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader, Advanced Diver, First Class Diver) and associated skills (e.g. first aid, defibrillator, decompression, diving rescue, boat handling, sea survival, charts and navigation, sea survival).
  • Participation in challenging diving conditions (e.g. wreck exploration, ice diving, cave diving, diving at depth)
  • BSAC membership status
  • Use of technical diving equipment (e.g. rebreather, mixed gasses, fixed air lines)
  • Current income (for an enquiry for Income Protection)

As part of your enquiry for cover for scuba diving, we will also discuss the amount of cover you require and the duration of the cover you would like, including:

  • The monetary amount of financial protection you require (£)
  • The period over which you require a policy (years)
  • The type of policy you require (e.g. decreasing or level term)

The mix of your health, lifestyle, participation in scuba diving, occupational information and other factors, such as that detailed above, will help determine the premium you have to pay for your cover.

Life Insurance, Income Protection and Critical Insurance cost - specialist insurance information for scuba divers

Even if you have life, income or illness cover in place elsewhere, for your participation in scuba diving, we will still be happy to hear from you, even if only to provide you with peace of mind that cover and premiums are comparable with current market products.

Business protection for those who engage in scuba diving

For those who operate a Limited Company or operate at Director level then you may want to consider speaking to Scuba Financial Services about cover options, such as Key Person Insurance, Relevant Life Insurance or Shareholder Protection for those who enjoy scuba diving.

What to expect and how to make an enquiry for cover for scuba diving cover

At Scuba Financial Services we pride ourselves on providing cover for those who enjoy extreme and hazardous sports with:

  • Your own sports consultant to discuss your individual lifestyle and diving needs
  • Experienced consultants in hazardous sports, extreme sports, adventure sports and hazardous occupations
  • Personal service and a quick response to your scuba diving questions
  • A Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised company
  • Easy application process conducted around you and your lifestyle

If you would like to find out more about Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover for divers please contact Scuba Financial Services on 0345 565 0936 or click here to enquire online.

Scuba Financial Services was originally established to service the needs of the members of The British Sub Aqua (BSAC) - to find out more contact:

British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC)
Telford's Quay South Pier Road
Ellesmere Port
CH65 4FL
+44 (0)151 350 6200

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Published: September 2019


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